How to Redirect Based on IP Address

How to Redirect Based on IP Address

If you are running an online business and either selling a product or a service that can be used all over the United States and the world, you want to be sure that you know how to redirect based on IP address. Knowing how to redirect based on IP address and also knowing how that you are going to get the service is really going to help you. Make sure that you are working with a great company to help you create a redirect based on IP address and really get something that is going to work well for you. There are all kinds of great choices out there for you and once you follow the steps it will really help you out.

  • Determine How you Want to Redirect Based on IP Address

The first thing that you have to do before you even start to redirect based on IP address is that you have to determine what you are going to redirect. There are generally two ways that people will redirect with an IP address. They will generally use it to redirect based on language, so whatever country they are coming from, they would be sent to a website that is in that language. If that isn’t what people want to do, they will generally set their website up so that there are pages with products that are specific to a certain area.

  • Find a Program to Redirect Based on IP Address

Once you have figured out how you are going to redirect based on IP address, you need to find the best program. One of the best programs out there is actually a website that you can go and subscribe to. This website, specializes in geo-redirect for websites. With these sites, you will find that they make it really easy, with, you actually get a script code that you just install into the header of your website, and it honestly doesn’t get much easier than that. Be sure that you check out for all your needs.

  • Track your Redirect Based on IP Address

With the program installed from, or whomever that you choose to go with, you need to take a look at if it is working. With, they actually will help you track the redirect based on IP address and make sure that people are using it and that you have it installed in areas that work. There is no point in having it for countries that don’t have people visiting your website. Tracking this option can also help you determine if you should be marketing in another area and really help you track the market and understand what you need.

How to Redirect Based on IP Address

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